The Journal calls for submissions of manuscripts on all areas of taxation of contemporary relevance from the body of legal academia, professionals within India and overseas, and students for Issue 2 of Volume III of the journal.

Types of Submissions:

IJTL welcomes submissions of Articles, Essays, Case Notes, and Book Reviews. The submission length should be a as follows-

1. Articles (between 5000-10000 words including footnotes)
Articles are comprehensive publications that analyze important themes of contemporary relevance in the realm of taxation.
An abstract of up to 250 words must accompany the Article.

2. Essays (between 4000-5000 words including footnotes)
Essays usually focus on a specific issue and posit a central argument.

3. Case Notes (1500-5000 words including footnotes)
Case notes are the examination of recent cases significant in the area of taxation.

4. Book Reviews (1000-2500 words including footnotes)
Book Reviews are welcomed in form of a short summary of the book in the context of existing positions the book explores.

Mode of Submission:

We do not accept hard copy of manuscripts for publication. All submissions must be emailed in Microsoft Word format to

Date of Submission:

The last date for submission of manuscript for publication in Issue 2 of Volume III is March 30, 2017. For contributors not being nationals of India, submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.

Style & Format:

Submissions must follow the following style and format-

- Main Body must be in font size 12, Times New Roman font theme, and 1.5 line spacing.
- Footnotes must be in font size 10, Times New Roman font theme, and 1 line spacing.
- Citation Format: Please use footnotes rather than endnotes.
- Footnotes should conform to the Nineteenth Edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation

Publication Conditions:

Submissions must not violate copyright of third parties.

Submissions must not contain any defamatory, offensive, or racially prejudicial material. In case any such material gets published, the authors shall be liable for the same, and the Indian Journal of Tax Law, its Board of Editors, Board of Advisors, and any other person associated with the Indian Journal of Tax Law shall not be responsible.

Indemnity for Liability
Submission are accepted on the acceptance of these conditions and in case of any liability arising out of violation of the first two conditions, the authors shall accept the same unconditionally and shall forthwith indemnify the Indian Journal of Tax Law and all persons associated with it.

Submissions may be emailed to under the subject title -
“IJTL (Volume 3, Issue 2) - [Submission Category] - [Name(s) of Author(s)]”


Arka Saha (Editor in Chief): +91 9439911516

Akash Srinivasan (Managing Editor): +91 9439474517

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​​​​​Editorial Calendar

Last Date of Submission:  30th March, 2017

Publication: May 2017

Note: Comments on the manuscripts received are communicated to the authors via email during the publication process. 

Publication Process

The Indian Journal of Tax Law considers all the manuscripts received for publication. A manuscript goes through three stages before being finally selected for publication.

First Stage: All manuscripts are reviewed by the Board of Editors in adherence to the requirements of the Journal

Second Stage: Manuscripts selected in the first stage progress to peer review.

Third Stage: The final selection of manuscripts is made after consultation with the peer group.

The final decision is communicated to the authors through email.

Thank you for your interest in the Indian Journal of Tax Law

Submission Guidelines